HolyPan® is comprised of two face-sheets and one honeycomb core. It is 4.4kg/m2 or 4.8kg/m2 for a 25mm panel or a 30mm panel respectively.

Impact strength

At room temperature, appraised by a Falling Dart Impact Test with a Φ20mm spherical head, the impact strength is>80J and at -20℃ it is 35 J.

Compression strength

Short-term pressure at a 75mm X 75mm area is 1.6MPa

Environmental factor resistance

The face-sheets guarantee excellent UV-protection according to the tests. Holypan® has excellent UV resistance without obvious signs of aging phenomenon compared with similar plastic materials which have a stronger tendency to surface cracks at intensive UV-irradiation. Holypan® offers high resistance against oil, fats, and the most commonly used chemicals. According to internal tests, the water absorption of the panel is below 1.4%.

Bending properties

With 30mm thickness 100mm width standard Holypan®, stress 8kg pressure on the centre at 600mm bearing distance, the panel almost doesn't bend.

Thermal conductivity

Standard HolyPan® can be used for thermal insulation materials, as its thermal conductivity is less than 0.12 W/mk at room temperature.


HolyPan® is 100% recyclable. Holypan® is a compound of PP and fiber-glass without other additives, such as adhesives.


HolyPan® can be shaped by stock removal or thermal forming, particularly suitable for riveting, welding or gluing.

Chemical resistance

The below table shows the chemical resistance of the polypropylene surface, and it is just for reference, as the results are subjected to actual parameters and experimental conditions in practical application.